New Jersey Drone Pilot
(Left) Micheal DeMarco was among one of the first licensed UAV pilots in the State of New Jersey. (Right) Ryan Baine’s gimbal operating skills ensure the perfect shot every time.

When hiring a drone company, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We put together this list of factors that should help you decide on your next pilot.

1. Experience

The company you choose should have a track record of proven successful flights. They should be aware of all factors when setting up a flight and treat the drone the same as any aircraft in the sky. The company also should be able to execute the job efficiently and effective without wasting any of the clients time. They should have methods of charging batteries On-the-go and log important aircraft information. Another benefit for a company is having backup equipment , Everything from backup drone setups to memory cards, this is what helps separate the amateurs from the pros.

2. License/Insurance

Any company you choose to do aerial work with , the pilot needs to have his/her FAA Remote pilot certificate. This certificate can only be given after the pilot passes his/her Part 107 exam. The company you choose should also have good aircraft insurance coverage and the drone will need to be registered commercially with the FAA.

3. Safety 

Probably the most important factor when hiring your next pilot . The pilot and crew should always demonstrate safety being the number one factor. Preforming pre-flight and after-flight checks are critical to the safety of everyone.  The crew should be aware of the aircraft at all times and not get distracted by bystanders on the ground. The pilot will also demonstrate good discretion when decided whether a flight might be too dangerous to execute.

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