Why Choose Osprey?


Our Drone Company offers years of experience in aerial photography, video production, drone building and flying giving our clients incredible quality and the knowledge to tackle most Florida drone projects.


Check our client reviews, We have been providing our Drone company clients with outstanding service and attention on every project since the beginning.


Quality is one of the most important aspects to us on every project. We enjoy flying the latest technology and best cameras available for our clients.

FL Drone Services

We have been providing FL Drone Services such as Drone Photography and Drone Video Production since 2013. We provide Professional Aerial drone photos and film production, as well as FL Real estate drone services, Florida Construction drone services and FL Video production.

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Florida Drone Video Production

We provide marketing and media companies with aerial footage. Our Drone Video Company has the cameras and drones capable of shooting up to 8K ULTRA HD video in ProRes. ProRes RAW and RAW DNG formats. Our Heavy Lift Drones can lift RED Cinema Cameras for film set productions

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Florida Drone Photography

We have been providing clients with stunning high quality aerial images for years. We specialize in the ability to lift most DSLR cameras with various types of lens set ups on our heavy lift drones. We own cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark IV , Panasonic GH4 -GH5, Sony A7 and various lens setups.

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Video Production

Our specialty is aerial drone video production. We are a Drone Company that has provided media clients in Florida with high quality Drone video sure to take any Documentary, TV show, Film, or Web Video to the next level.

360 Drone Photos and Video

We provide high quality Florida 360 aerial panoramic photography and video that can be displayed on websites or social media. This allows users to interact and zoom in with stunning detail on these high quality drone panoramas also called Giga-Panoramas.

Commercial Construction and Real estate

We have worked with FL construction companies, FL Real Estate Agents and East Coast Engineering companies for various types of industrial and real estate drone services. We provide everything from Florida Construction Drone photography, Drone video, Drone Progress shots, Aerial Timelapse and Drone Mapping to our construction and commercial real estate clientele.

Virtual Render Artistry

We work with Florida virtual render companies, Florida Architects and virtual artists. We provide specific camera angles, GPS data and cameras to accommodate any type of shot that the render artist needs to produce stunning realistic aerial virtual renderings.

Golf Courses, Resorts and Destination

Our Drone media company has photographed and filmed Florida golf courses, resorts and private golf clubs around the country. Our visual media has been seen globally by millions of people throughout the years, Osprey helped market these destinations!

Florida Concert and Sporting Events

We can shoot concerts and action sporting events from a different perspective. We have the equipment to broadcast live drone footage and the experience to nail a shot. We also have our FAA waiver to fly at night and in various classes of airspace for specific location shoots. 

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