Berkeley Island County Park is currently under construction after being swept away by Super Storm Sandy. 

NewLogoOsprey Perspectives was hired to document reconstruction of the park.  We’ll be back on site in the Spring to document and share the finished product with everyone but for now, you can see progress being made below.

Construction Photography New Jersey
Aerial Photography of Berkley Park, New Jersey. Construction is underway to reconstruct this once quaint park in shambles into a beautiful oasis for local residence.

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NJ Construction Drone Photographer
Using the DJI m600, we’re able to carry a DSLR camera into the New Jersey air and photograph this beautiful Ocean County Park. It may appear to be a construction site now, but in Summer or 2018, it will be filled with park goers enjoying the sites.

Hire the Osprey for your next project in order to best track progress from both the air and ground!  Reach out below!

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