Osprey Perspectives is a New Jersey based production team specializing in Aerial Productions. Osprey provides photography and video for the Real Estate, Golf and Industrial industries in addition to Documentaries, TV, and Film . Founded in 2013 ,Ryan and Mike at Osprey were among some of the first pioneers for establishing a Drone business in our state and in the Northeast of the United States. Consequently, our Photo and Video work has taken us all over the country from the Florida Keys up to the Catskill Mountains. We are certified by the FAA , have airspace waivers for all major airports and we posses $5 Million Dollar insurance policy covered in both our aerial and ground work. We can always adjust our insurance to meet requirements for specific projects.


The Osprey team provides more than just aerial drone footage. We are passionate filmmakers and photographers who have been working together creating videos since childhood. As a result, our teamwork, dedication, and experience is rare to find in other production companies. Osprey has a large fleet of in-house drones and ground equipment that allows us to give our clients high quality products and support for their specific project! Osprey Perspectives is a fully insured and FAA Licensed company. We always treat safety as a priority on every flight. We also have our FAA 107.29 waiver especially relevant because this allows us to operate drones at night.


Michael DeMarco is a Co-owner and Co-founder of Osprey Perspectives. Mike was among one the first people to take and pass the FAA Part 107 exam for licensed UAV pilots in the State of New Jersey. He was also the first drone operator in the world to be given access to fly at many places including multiple Trump National Golf Clubs and at Six Flags Great Adventure. His video edits have been featured over social media including many professional pages. He is a published outdoor fishing content photographer and outdoorsman. Mike also is highly skilled in flying, operating and building custom UAV drone solutions, creating a more knowledgeable safer environment encompassing our work.


Ryan Baine is a Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Osprey Perspectives. Ryan is a professional graphic designer, artist, and holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts. He has a keen eye for both aerial/ground photography and his Adobe Photoshop skills are highly sought after. His creativity and camera operating skills ensure nailing the perfect shot sure to take our production value to the next level. Ryan is also a skilled wildlife photographer, illustrator and content creator.
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Ospreys mission is to combine state of the art technology along with personal artistic touch and passion in order to provide creative professional solutions to photography and videography. 

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NJ Drone Service

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