Construction Photography
Construction Video
Accurate Volumetric Stockpile Estimations
Progress and Time-lapse shots
Zoom lens and High Megapixel HD inspections
3D Mapping and Photogrammetry

Osprey has worked with various construction and architectural firms since 2014. We provide both Technical as well as Creative Drone services for our clients. We are experienced working on construction sites and treat safety as a priority while we are on all job sites.

We offer a wide variety of construction drone services to our clients including progression shots, drone inspection services, mapping and 3D modeling, Stockpile size calculations as well our professional construction ground photography and video.

Our heavy lift drones can carry zoom lenses capable of high resolution photos or video of infrastructure. This allows us to safely gather very detailed data in some hard to access areas.

We were the first Drone company in the world to to fly and map a full size theme park using photogrammetry mapping. We performed this work for the engineering department at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2014.  Some of our construction progress drone video work has been featured on multiple episodes of NBC's hit show "George to the Rescue".

Creative and Technical Services Include:


Construction Photography

Construction Videography

Virtual Photography and Video 

Accurate Volumetric Stockpile Estimations

Progress and Time-lapse shots

Zoom lens and High Megapixel HD inspections

Various Camera Payload capabilities for specific projects

3D Mapping and Photogrammetry

Social Media and Website Content

Progress and Safety Monitoring

Programs we have worked with Include:

Pix4D - Propellor Aeropoints - Drone Deploy - Map Pilot - QGIS - Litchi

NJ Construction Photography - PA Construction Photography - NY Construction Photography

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DVP House Moving – Lafayette College PA

Hale Built House Raising

Lucent Energy – Lansdale PA

CMG Construction – New Build

Stockpile Calculation Services

We offer Accurate Drone Stockpile Calculation Services to help your construction company compare stockpile volumes, Determine Fill and Cut measurements, as well as track site progress. We can compare stockpile surveys to final grade design files to help you calculate how much material will need to be added or removed.

Photo and Video Progress

We offer professional construction site photography and videography visits from Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly to help track your construction sites progress. Construction progress imaging to keep your site well managed as well as track progress for investors and team meetings.

New Jersey Construction Photography

Mapping Drone Photogrammetry

We offer Drone Mapping and Photogrammetry services as a powerful tool to our construction clients. 2D and 3D drone mapping delivers extreme value for many types of companies from surveying, to engineering, to general contracting, to construction. We provide detailed data for companies helping them make better, more informed decisions, which leads to increased profitability, as well as lead to increased opportunities. Output data includes - 3D Point Clouds, DXF Files, Index Maps, Contour maps,  Digital Surface and Terrain models, and more.


Ground Video Services

We offer ground photo and video services for marketing purposes or tracking progress.

NJ Drone Construction Service

Backplates for Virtual Imaging

We offer both Drone Photography and Video and well as Ground services for our Virtual Rendering Clients with Blackplate Images/Video for use in Virtual Productions or Imaging for Upcoming Pre-Construction Projects in the design phase.

Infrastructure Inspections

We provide Infrastructure inspections for various construction industries. We have worked with Builders, Roofers, Solar, and Telecommunication clients to provide high detail imaging on infrastructure for inspection purposes. We use high megapixel cameras and zoom lenses for crisp detailed images helping identify issues or potential issues before they become a problem.

Drone Inspection Services by Osprey Perspectives

High Quality 180 and 360 Degree Drone Panoramas