Osprey Perspectives is offering clients the ability to use FPV Drone footage in their projects. We are proud to be one of the only Drone companies who offer these services. Our FPV close proximity drones can be used in a wide variety of applications

High Speed FPV Drone Footage
Cinelifter Heavy Lift FPV
Acrobatic Drone Footage
Indoor Drone Footage
Proximity Aerial Drone Footage
Vehicle/Boat/Race FPV Drone Tracking

FPV Racing Quad

This full size fpv racing drone can travel at high speeds and preform precise aerial acrobatics for intense HD aerial footage.

 Cinewhoop FPV Drone

Our Cinewhoop FPV drone allows for close proximity cinematic aerial footage and is safe to fly near objects and people with protected propellers.

Cinema FPV Drone

Our Heavy lift Cinema FPV drone allows us to lift cameras such as RED Komodo, BGH1, Z-cam, Panasonic GH5, Black Magic Cameras and more!

Stick Skills

Flying an FPV drone takes practice and experience. If you are looking for technical indoor precision flying or or high speed acrobatics, we have you covered. We have FAA Part 107 Certified pilots flying our custom built FPV drones.


Custom Built FPV Racing Drones


FPV Drones are giving us the ability to capture shots that have not been seen before. From close proximity aerial footage to high speed acrobatics... The creativity we can provide with theses drones is unique for any production!


Have an idea for a Project with an FPV Drone? Reach out to us below!


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