Today there are various ways a drone can be used effectively on a construction site. Many people think of drones as just a flying camera, that may be true, but in reality they can be much more beneficial than you may think.  We hope that by reading this short blog you will have a better understanding of how a drone could potentially benefit your construction site.

3D mapping/Photogrammetry

Using sophisticated software, the UAV is able to fly an autonomous mission gathering photos in grid like patterns while simultaneously gathering GPS data. After completing the flight we are able to process these photos in our software creating a photo-realistic, interactive 3D models for clients. The 3D models can be exported into various formats allowing them to be used with other CAD type programs.

Thermal/Contour imaging

By using a drone to lift a thermal camera , We are able to inspect for gas leaks, hot/cold spots and roof flaws.  Also we are able to use a camera to capture contour data displaying topography and heights of areas of land.

Thermal/Contour imaging completed by New Jersey Drone Service.
Thermal/Contour imaging completed by New Jersey Drone Service.


Using a drone is a cost effect and safer way to sometimes go about inspecting infrastructure that may normally be tough to access. By sending a drone to do the inspection you are able to safely and easy access many sites as well as having photo/video documentation to use in follow up research.

NJ Stock Pile Measurements
NJ Stock Pile Measurements completed with new jersey drone service.


Bringing a drone in to take photos or video or your construction sites progress is a great way to show your investors that you are staying on track. It also allows for a great way to showcase the progress and share the work with other professionals or on a website or social media.

New Jersey Construction Photography
New Jersey Construction Photography tracking progress with NJ drone photography service.

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