Today, There are many consumer drones on the market. In fact the most popular DJI drone model (The Phantom) Is available at your local Best Buy store all around the country. While the technology and innovation increases , Drones will be become even more prevalent and useful in the future. Since the FAA opened the sky to licensed drone flights in August after the implication of Part 107,  Many people are starting to realize the benefits that drones will have on the future .

Although the common DJI phantom is a great tool for some applications , there are also many other drones on the market , So how do you go about choosing the right drone?

New Jersey Phantom Photographer
NJ Drone Quadcopter Photographer

Small Drones (Quad copters)

Drones that fall into this category would be considered drones like the DJI phantom. Usually a drone in this category has 4 propellors and could safely fly in light winds . These smaller drone are operated by one pilot and have some decent cameras built in on them, they have the ability to shoot video and take pictures. While that may be great for some people and many hobbyists, These smaller drones lack the true professional image quality that large specific cameras can provide and are limited on their applications.

Benefits –

Easy to fly

Can fly indoors in tight spaces

Long flight times

Easy to transport

Cons –

Cant fly in strong winds

Lacks a true professional image

If one motor fails the drone will crash

Birds of prey don’t like small drones!

NJ Drone Photography
New Jersey Hexacopter Photography

Large drones (Hexa-Octo Heavy-lift Copters)

Drones in this category are designed for one major purpose, and that is to lift heavy objects. Usually these types of drones lift large DSLR or cinema cameras . The benefit of having more propellers increases the lift power of that drone. These larger drones also have the ability to land even with 1 or 2 malfunctioning motors or propellers, helping creating a safe environment. Larger drones are usually operated by a team of people and take experience to learn to operate , These types of drones are usually custom built for a multitude of specific applications.

 Benefits –

Flexible range of cameras to use

More dynamic shots with 2 operators

Can safely land with a damaged motor or propellor

Professional level quality

Can be build for specific applications


Need experience to fly

Flight times can vary depending on payload weight

Harder to transport

New Jersey Drone Pilot
Mike DeMarco has both a technical and artistic background. He is a experienced drone builder/pilot, camera operator and video editor. Mike was among one the first licensed UAV pilots in the State of New Jersey and was among one of the first drone operators in the world to be given access to fly at many Trump National Golf Clubs and at Six Flags Great Adventure. His technical skills allow him to build custom solutions to drone applications for our clients. His video edits have been featured on many professional pages including the Trump Organization.

 Hopefully this helps you understand some of the differences between large and small drones.

Here at Osprey Perspectives we have a variety of drones that we offer for our clients and give them the ability to choose the right drone for their specific job. If you have any questions regarding drones or want to learn more please contact us !


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