New Jersey Drone Photography and Video Services

Osprey Perspectives is a New Jersey Drone Video and Photography Company, We Offer NJ Drone Services and Ground Media Services. Professional Drone Photography and Video Services, New Jersey Film Production, NJ Documentaries, Commercials, New Jersey Drone Services, Professional NJ Drone Photography, New Jersey Construction Media, NJ Marketing, Events and Live Broadcasting, Engineering and Architecture Firm Media, NJ Virtual Rendering Artists, and Real Estate Media Services in New Jersey.


Full Service Production company specializing in New Jersey Drone Photography and Video Services!

Why Choose Osprey?


Our New Jersey Drone Company offers years of experience in aerial photography, video production, and flying. Giving our clients incredible quality and the knowledge to tackle most projects.


Quality is one of the most important aspects to us on every project. We have top quality cameras with high megapixels and we can film video in 6K RAW. We enjoy flying the latest technology and best cameras available for our clients.


Check our client reviews. We have been providing our NJ Drone services to business clients with outstanding service for years.

Welcome To Osprey...

NJ Drone Services Photography and Video, We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Welcome To Osprey...

NJ Drone Aerial Photography and Video Services, Additionally we offer a variety of services to our clients including

NJ Drone Services - Cinematography Aerial Footage

Professional NJ Drone Company filming with the latest quality drones and cameras. Osprey captures aerial drone footage safely and precisely with our dual operated camera team. Our NJ drone cinematography team works directly with Directors of photography, Directors, and Visual artists. This New Jersey Drone team can operate small FPV drones to large scale dual operated heavy lift drones. giving our clients the best cinema quality drone shots for your project. NJ Drone services for commercials, films, documentaries and events.
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New Jersey Drone Services for Marketing and Corporate Businesses

We are a full service NJ media company. Likewise, we offer the whole media package for your business. Including: New Jersey photography, Video and Editing. We can provide drone services to elevate the production and highlight specific aspect of your business. Expertise allows us to fly our small safely custom built FPV drones indoors. We also offe New Jersey head shots, product photography, NJ drone video promotion, event and live stream media services. We offer NJ corporate videos for trade shows as well.
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Professional Drone Services NJ Photography and Video

Our company has professional published photographers that can offer you stunning top quality photos for your business or for wall art. Osprey is available for hire on commissioned shoots or you can find some of our best New Jersey photographs listed on our ETSY page for sale. We have traveled around New Jersey taking drone photos in iconic locations such as Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Jersey City and the Jersey shore. We offer panoramic drone photos, night and twilight drone photography with our specially issued FAA 107.29 night waiver, Time-lapse drone photography, 360 drone photography and standard drone photography. also specialize in New Jersey ground photography as well giving you the total package of both drone and ground media.
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NJ Drone Services Photo and Video for Construction and Industrial Industries

Our New Jersey Drone Construction services include inspections, mapping, progress photos, progress video and monthly or weekly time lapse sight visits. We can document New Jersey projects from start to finish. Our team has been servicing NJ contractors , NJ builders and NJ architects over the last 7+ years. Our New Jersey Drone Construction services allow us to monitor and show off projects or for display on your website and social media pages.
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New Jersey Drone Services for Sporting Events and Drone Live Streaming

We have the ability to fly small FPV drones  safely around people and players to give our clients dynamic up close footage. Also offering high quality Cinema drones with dual operators that can track objects such as fast cars or boats.  We also offer New Jersey Drone Live stream footage at 1080-60fps high quality video Live feed for any sporting event or specific event you would like to show in real time!
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New Jersey Drone Services for Real estate and Commercial Real estate

Professional quality New Jersey photography, video and drone services for your commercial or residential NJ real estate listing. Our NJ drone team can offer the whole package including editing to make the process simple and convenient for you. Osprey has successfully shot over $1 Billion dollars worth of real estate in our 7 years of business. from NJ commercial real estate to residential beach front NJ real estate listings. New Jersey Commercial Real estate and residential Real Estate media helps your listing stand out among the rest!
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NJ Drone Services such as Mapping, 3D modeling and Photogrammetry

New Jersey Drone mapping and NJ photogrammetry services. We offer modeling, mapping, and site monitoring. Using top quality cameras offering detailed maps by flying DSLR cameras. Our New Jersey drone photogrammetry services can help your engineering or construction company. New Jersey Drone stockpile calculations are accurate and we can fly multiple stockpiles in a single flight. NJ Drone inspection service allow us to fly detailed cameras with zoom lenses. Giving our clients detailed views of infrastructure and important assets.
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NJ Drone Services

Our specialty is aerial drone video production. Our NJ Drone Company has provided media clients in NJ with high quality Drone video sure to take any Documentary, TV show, Film, or Web Video to the next level.

Drone Operator New Jersey

In addition we provide high quality NJ 360 aerial panoramic photography and video that can be displayed on websites or social media. This allows users to interact and zoom in with stunning detail on these high quality drone panoramas also called Giga-Panoramas.

NJ Drone Photography and Video Services

Osprey Perspectives has worked with NJ construction companies, NJ Real Estate Agents and Tri-State Engineering companies for various types of industrial and real estate drone services. Providing everything from NJ Construction Drone photography, Drone video, Drone Progress shots, Aerial Time-lapse and Drone Mapping to our construction and commercial real estate clientele.

NJ Virtual Render Media

We work with NJ virtual render companies, New Jersey Architects and virtual artists. Providing specific camera angles, GPS data and cameras for any type of shot that the render artist needs to produce stunning realistic aerial virtual renderings.

NJ Golf Courses, Resorts and Destination

Our NJ drone media company has photographed and filmed golf courses, resorts and private golf clubs around the country. Visual media from our NJ Drone Company has been seen globally by millions of people throughout the years, Osprey helped market these destinations!

NJ Concert and Sporting Events

We can shoot concerts and action sporting events from a different perspective. We have equipment to broadcast live drone footage and the experience to nail a shot. As well, we have our FAA 107.29 waiver to fly at night and in various classes of airspace for specific location shoots.

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